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viruses are in between _____ and _____
the origins of molecular bio lie in early studies of viruses that infect
Are viruses cells?
3 things viruses have
viruses are obligate
protein shell that encloses viral genome
surround capsids of virus, made of host membrane
viral envelopes are made of 2 things
capsid with enclosed genetic material
viruses that infect bacteria
viruses can be cloned and counted in
each plaque represents 1 _______
the two reproductive cycles of phages
culminates in death of host cell
two methods of sequencing are
reproduces only by lytic cycle
defenses against phages include
replicates phage genome without destroying host
integrated viral DNA
can trigger the virus genome to exit the bacterial chromosome and switch to lytic cycle
use both lytic and lysogenic cycles
the broadest variety of RNA genomes is found in viruses that infect
use reverse transcriptase to copy RNA genome into DNA
viral DNA integrated into host genome is
True or false: provirus remains a permanent resident of the host cell?
the host's ________ transcribes proviral DNA into RNA
adenovirus, herpesvirus, papovirus, poxvirus
picomavirus, coronavirus, flavivirus, togovirus
filovirus, othohyxovirus, paramysovirus, rhabdovirus
many viruses that infect animals have this
bind to specific receptor molecules on the surface of a host cell
some viral membranes are replaced by envelope made from

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