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region of motor protein that interacts with the motor's cellular cargo
where motor function actually is
kinetochores assemble at the
the chromosome number per nucleus is maintained in
there is one premitotic S phase per
Homologous chromosomes synapse in prophase of
Meiosis contains at least 1 recombination between
sister kinetochores are __ oriented in mitosis
sister kinetochores are __ oriented in meiosis
Cohesion between sister chromatids is lost in _________ of meiosis
Centromeres divide only in ________ of meiosis
promotes variation among products
daughter cells' genotypes are identical to parental genotype
meiosis II is similar to
cell undergoing meiosis is
cell undergoing mitosis is
crossing over of chromatids produced by recombinations are seen in prophase I and metaphase I
MTOC stands for
At MTOCs, microtubule nucleation is facilitated by
cleaves cohesin rings holding chromosome arms together during mitosis
degrades to release separase
separase removes mitotic
cohesin is cleaved at the centromere only in
anaphase movements and cohesion of meiotic chromosomes are determined by proteins associated with the
prophase I results in a
crossing over of chromosomes occurs at the
attached to spindle fibers from the same spindle pole in metaphase I
attached to spindle fibers from opposite spindle poles in metaphase I
haploid mitosis can occur in
crossing over between chromatids and cohesin cross links between sister chromatids _____ to the crossover point

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