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regrowth of amputated body parts of nonfunctioning organs
regeneration requires the _______ of the tissue
replacement of singular tissue type
4 Mechanisms of regeneration
repatterning of existing tissue with little new growth
dedifferentiation of adult tissues that forms an undifferentiated cell mass that ultimately becomes respecified
differentiated cells divide while maintaining their differentiated functions
tissue-specific adult stem cells serve as source of cells for regrowth
head generator
tail/foot generator
adult muscle stem cells
Is cell division required in morphallactic regeneration?
direct specific regeneration
This gene is a hypostome/apical hydra morphogen
This gene is a basal/foot hydra morphogen
best studied example of epimorphosis
True or false: all of the different cell types are present in the new limb formed by epimorphosis?
Regeneration in amphibians involves formation of a _____ by epimorphosis
ability to regenerate by epimorphosis is dependent on cells retaining ability to
proliferation of epidermal cells adjacent to stump will lead to
these degenerate at the site of amputation
these cells migrate under the AEC to form the regeneration blastema
transcription decreases in these differentiation genes during epimorphosis
transcription increases in these mesenchyme proliferating genes during epimorphosis
these cells redifferentiate to form the new structures of the limb
this shares similarities to limb regeneration
the regeneration blastema is analogous to the _____ in limb bud development
limb regeneration is dependent on interaction between ___ & ___
These patterning signals control limb regeneration and limb bud development
the first step of blastema growth is dependent on
proliferation in the first step of blastema growth is dependent on
nerves produce these factors
the second step of blastema growth is dependent on
proliferation in the second step of blastema growth is dependent on expression of
expression of ____ induces expression of ____ in the overlying ectoderm
regeneration of newt limbs depends on this protein supplied by limb nerves
during epimorphic regeneration, the structure formed by dedifferentiating tissues is
a good example of compensatory regeneration lies in the
in zebrafish, differentiated cardiomyocytes are still ______ that can proliferate to form new heart muscle
in mammals there appears to be a neonatal ______ for regenerative potential
lizards can regenerate
lizard vertebrae have _____ break points
True or false: Regenerated tail inside is structurally identical to original tail
data suggests lizards regenerate by this mechanism
site of bone stem cells
site of neuron stem cells
site of blood cell, dendritic cell, osteoclast stem cells
an example of multi-potential stem cells are
The 4 iPS genes

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