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neural crest cells derive from the
_______ neural tube cells undergo a transition to ________ cells and _______ from the neural tube
Neural crest migrates from
Migration can be _____ specific in the cranial region
Migration of the trunk neural crest is regulated by expression of factors that ______ cells, such as _____
_______ determines the differentiation of neural crest cells
Neural crest cells delaminate from the _______ of the dorsal neural tube
The cranial neural tube is ______, as in hindbrain rhombomeres
determines the migration paths of cranial neural crest
Neural crest migration _____ ephrin of the _____ sclerotome
Trunk neural crest migrates specifically through the _____ somites
Neural crest derived _____ _______ form through the anterior somites
The iris is derived from
Defects in neural crest can lead to ____ in the iris
Cranial nerves have ganglia that derive from ______ and _____
Trigeminal ganglion has a _____ and 3 ______
The 3 main branches of the trigeminal ganglion are what nerves?
Cranial neural crest and _____ placodes make up the cranial nerve ganglia
Craniofacial musculoskeletal tissues are formed from a combination of _____ and ______
Neural crest-somitic mesoderm development of the face is _____ from neural tube-derived brain development
True or false: endochondral ossification forms the skull.
The bony plates of the skull form by
In skull formation, connective tissue does not go through a
Intramembranous ossification taking place outside normal times and locations, leading to bony plates forming
The pharyngeal arches appear by this time
4 lateral pairs of endodermally-lined outpocketings
The pharyngeal arches are separated by _______
pharyngreal grooves are covered in
Pharyngeal arch 1 forms
Pharyngeal arch 2 forms
Pharyngeal arch 3 forms
Pharyngeal arches 4 & 5 form
First arch muscles
Second arch muscles
Third arch muscles
Fourth and sixth arch muscles
Pouch I forms
Pouch II forms
Pouch III forms
Pouch IV forms
The face and jaw develop from ______ and ______
Failure of mandibular development
Failure of palate fusion
can be caused by mutations in Ax3, MITF, EDNRB, EDN3
Defect in enteric neural crest
In what syndrome do you observe megacolon?

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