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produce offspring of same variety
mating 2 contrasting true-breeding varieties
true breeding generation
hybrid offpsring of P generation
produced when F1 cross
these account for variations in inherited characters
2 alleles for a heritable character segregate during gamete formation and end up in different gametes
segregation of alleles corresponds to the distribution of ________ to different gametes in meiosis
accounts for Mendel's laws of segregation and independent assortment
these are not true-breeding
breed mystery individual with homozygous recessive individual
individuals heterozygous for 1 character
cross between 2 monohybrids
heterozygous for 2 characters
cross between F1 dihybrids can determine whether 2 characters are independent
each pair of alleles segregates independently of each other pair of alleles during gamete formation
law of independent assortment applies only to genes on _______ chromosomes
occurs when phenotypes of the heterozygote and dominant homozygote are identical
phenotype of F1 hybrids is somewhere between the phenotypes of the 2 parental varieties
2 dominant alleles affect the phenotype in separate, distinguishable ways
variations in a gene's nucleotide sequence
true or false: alleles interact
dominance of alleles depends on the level at which one examines
an example of multiple alleles producing a phenotype exists in
genes have multiple phenotypic effects
an example of pleiotropy is
a gene at one locus alters the phenotypic expression of a gene at a second locus
an example of epistasis is
an additive effect of 2+ genes on a single phenotype
an example of polygenic inheritance is
heterozygous individuals who carry the recessive allele but are phenotypically normal
cystic fibrosis and sickle-cell disease are both
dominant alleles that cause a lethal disease arise by
have genetic and environmental components
production of offspring with combinations of traits differing from either product

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