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the thumb is
the pinky is
the shoulder is
the hand is
hair and nails are formed on this side
Key inducer of proximal-distal growth
Removing AER halts ____ ______ of the limb
The inductive factor in the AER
made by mesenchyme, induces AER in the overlying ectoderm
maintains proliferative state of mesenchyme directly below AER and maintains FGF10 expression
FGF8 and FGF10 act in a
which tissue decides the type of limb formed
why can't nonlimb mesenchyme be induced to form limb tissue?
True or False: FGF8 is sufficient to induce underlying mesenchyme to grow distally
model where proximal-distal setup is based on the number of mitoses undergone
model where progenitors already know their fate
limb becomes sequentially patterned in 3 areas
zone where cells are responsive to FGF8 from AER
zone where cells are just beyond the limit of FGF diffusion but are responsive to TGFB made by mesenchymal cells
zone where cells are already determined
induces its own expression and expression of its inhibitor
True or false: The Reaction-Diffusion Model has no errors and is completely correct.
results from loss of normal AER function/Fgf8 expression
specifies caudal end
morphogen expressed in ZPA
diffusible molecules that are recognized by cells
site of synthesis in morphogen gradient
site of degradation in morphogen gradient
digit that is Shh independent
digit that is formed based on Shh concentration and diffusion
digit that forms based on Shh time of expression and concentration
digits that form based on Shh time of expression
ectopic expression of Shh in the anterior/rostral limb bud causes
required for dorsal limb development
the default state is
reduced nails would be caused by a defect in
expresses Wnt7a
_____ induces _____ to set up AER
set up Shh, which sets up ZPA
Shh turns on ____, which maintains FGF8 expression
How many feedback loops maintain AER?
sets up dorsal-ventral and positively affects FGF8 and Shh
Areas where cell death occurs to create individual digits
Cell death is inhibited by inhibiting
BMPs are inhibited by
specify cell location in developing embryo
autopod is formed by
zeugopod is formed by
stylopod is formed by
True or false: Hox expression is constant as limb develops?
defect in digit spacing, not separated, Hoxd13 mutation
Cornelia de Lange syndrome, autopod terminates in a single digit, disruption in Hox
makes scapula
makes humerus
makes ulna, radius
makes metacarpals
Makes digits
T-box genes are expressed in
makes forelimb bud
makes hindlimb bud
Theory of limb bud evolution
The relationship between shape and size
controls limb growth in development

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