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initial site of blood formation
ingresses through the posterior primitive streak and undergoes hematopoeic differentiation in yolk sac
hemangioblasts are
2 types of cells derived from hemangioblasts
hemangioblasts are found in the
mesenchyme cells become
blood islands become 2 things
These genes allow mesoderm to become hemangioblasts
Hemangioblasts differentiate by
This type of signaling regulates the fate of hemangioblasts
high levels of notch signaling results in
low levels of notch signaling results in
HSC's originate in the
The sites of definitive hematopoiesis are
In adults, HSC originates from this near developing aorta
splanchnopleure is made of
produces angioblasts
angioblasts migrate to this region
angioblasts give rise to
transition from endothelial cell to HSC is mediated by
Without Runx1, you have no
True or false: All developing HSCs express Runx1?
HSCs express this ligand for Notch
stem cell based production of blood cells
stem cells are maintained in the
the niche is made in the long bone cavity by the
HSCs use these to remain associated with the niche
During _ cell clonal selection, binding of the _ cell receptor results in proliferation and secretion of antibodies
BCRS and TCRS are both these kind of proteins
when B/T cell receptors leave G0 of the cell cycle and begin repeated rounds of mitosis they are referred to as
B Cell clonal selection leads to production of
BCRs bind ____ antigens
helper t cells secrete
lymphokines stimulates
lymphokines differentiate into ______ and secrete ____
Clonal selection in T cells occurs in
positive selection produces 2 things
failure of positive selection results in
negative selection results in
MHC minimizes
MHC presents ____ to B & T cells
MHC is used by helper T cells to regulate expansion of
CD8+ cells bind epitopes that are part of
class I cells are
CD4+ cells bind epitopes that are part of
class II cells are
BCR chains are usually _ + _ or _
TCR chains are usually _ + _ or _ + _
the largest contributor to receptor diversity is
the variable region of the antibody is the
light and heavy chains are made of
constant region of antibody is
heavy chains are
light chains are
this makes different BCR genes
In VDJ recombination, each gene segment has an adjacent
These 2 genes mediate VDJ recombination
loss of function mutation in RAG1/2 results in arrest of
without RAG you would have
RAG1 mutation results in
name for syndrome of RAG1/2 mutation
Niche secretes these 2 things in the nucleus of the HSC that are critical for self-renewal
Niche secretes ____ which activates receptor _____

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