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during early cardiogenesis, this occurs
during heart-field formation, these occur
during heart tube formation, these occur
cardiogenic cells are derived from the
myoblasts, hematopoietic cells, and early vessels form these
initial bilateral heart tubes form in the
mesoderm is induced by these two things
the anterior of the cardiogenic mesoderm relies on _ inhibitors
The rostral ridge of the cardiogenic mesoderm relies on
early heart is ____ and ____
heart looping defect where heart lies on right side of thorax because of loops to left not right
dextrocardia may occur with this disorder
in this heart looping defect, sidedness is random and it is sometimes fatal
These transcription factors are required for heart specification
These transcription factors are needed for heart determination
These transcription factors are needed for heart patterning
These transcription factors are needed for heart differentiation
the source of the material that becomes valves and septa
True or false: There are 3 ways to make a septum?
two cushions grow toward each other and fuse to form these
endocardial cushion defects are often associated with what other type of defect
endocardial cushion defects contribute to abnormalities of the
in this defect, blood flow to and from the heart is opposite of normal
this defect consists of 4 total heart defects: VSD, pulmonary stenosis, right ventricular hypertrophy, an overriding aorta
maxillary artery is formed from
hyoid and stapedial arteries are formed from
common carotids are formed from
becomes arch of aorta between left comon carotid and left subclavian arteries
becomes proximal segment of the right subclavian artery
incompletely or never forms
becomes proximal pulmonary artery
becomes ductus arteriosus
arterial system defect where ductus arteriosus does not close at birth, allows mixing of blood
right dorsal aorta persists, gets vascular ring around trachea and esophagus
blood vessels are created de novo from
the decision to become angioblasts or blood cells is regulated by
the two waves of vasculogenesis in amniotes are
in the yolk sac vasculogenesis, only these 2 things are produced
in the intraembryonic vasculogenesis, this major artery is formed
these form early blood vessels
intraembryonic vascular networks arise from individual ___ progenitor cells
True or false: Capillary networks do not come from larger vessels?
Groups of either of these two things fuse in intraembryonic vasculogenesis
Three main signaling factors in vasculogenesis
VEGF null mutants lack these and do not undergo this
high levels of notch signaling results in formation of
low levels of notch signaling results in formation of
Arteries express this
The receptor for Ephrin B2 expressed in veins is
The artery-vein hook up mechanism uses
the remodeling of primary capillary networks is called
endothelial cells that respond to VEGFA and sprout to form a new vessel
Tip cells express _____, which blocks adjacent cells from responding to VEGFA
Tip cells also have filopodia that express high levels of these _____ which extend out toward the VEGF signal
These are the cells that allow fusion of veins and arteries
Wnt inhibitors expressed by anterior endoderm and BMP from notochord induce
blastodiscs dissociated in FGF2/bFGF form
Severe bruising can be caused by a mutation of one of 3 things

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