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teratogens act with
teratogens may demonstrate a _____ relationship
affects susceptibility to damage to certain organs/systems and by some agents
True or false: we know the dose threshold for almost all teratogens?
factors influencing the rate and extent of placental transfer of xenobiotics
_____ molecules cross the placenta more easily
the maternal-fetal interface is the
True or false: There is no direct connection between fetus and mother
carries well-oxygenated blood to the embryo/vitellous area
return embryonic blood to placenta
contain embryonic blood vessels
bathes chorionic villi
used as anti-morning sickness drug, children born w/flipper limbs
inhibits cholesterol synthesis
blocks Shh function
causes cyclopia
The cell surface protein that holds tissues together
3rd most prevalent form of mental retardation
ethanol alters ____ migration
ethanol also causes apoptosis of _____ through generation of _____
ethanol blocks the adhesive function of this protein
analogue of vitamin A
RA works by altering ____ gene expression and results in altered _______ patterning
RA makes ____ stop both migration and proliferation
causes fetal valproate syndrome
exogenous chmiecals that interfere with the function of hormones, special class of teatogens
3 ways endocrine disruptors work
suspected endocrine disruptors are mainly these 2 things
synthetic estrogen linked to vaginal cancer and defects in offspring
these hormones regulate the 5' Hoxa cluster
wnt5a mutant female reproductive tracts lack ____ structures
required for correct epithelial organization, radial growth, patterning if adjacent mesenchymal cells, organization of smooth muscle layers
positively regulates Wnt7a expression
DES works by binding to the ______ and downregulating ____
DES represses levels of these 2 genes
this is a xenoestrogen
BPA works by competing with _____ for _____ in MCF7 breast cancer cells
this is a stabilizer in polystyrene plastics that alters reproductive physiology, disrupts sperm function and count
this is a pesticide and anti-androgenic endocrine disruptor
vinclozolin works by targeting ____ to nucleus
vinclozolin has an _____/______ dual function with ____

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