Developmental Neurobiology

Can you name the Developmental Neurobiology?

Neurons get input via
The cell body of a neuron is called
feed neurons and form blood brain barrier
provide myelination in the central nervous system
insulating sheath that covers and increases transmission in large axons
myelinated regions of the brain
areas of the brain with many neuronal cell bodies
As brains develop, they become more
Line the neuroventricles
The cells of the nervous system are formed by mitotic events near the
Neural stem cells reside in the
what regulates differentiation at the neural tube lumen?
Loss of Notch leads to
Notch inhibits stem cells from becoming ________ and promotes development into _______
Notch suppresses
Notch activates
Cells differentiate and create layers in the
The spinal cord houses motor neurons in the _______ horn
The spinal cord receives sensory input via the _______
muscle fibers are _________ by a single motor neuron
The ________ leads the way for neuronal growth
repulses the growth cones of neurons in the dorsal root ganglion
Neurons can be attracted by secreted factors:
creates the midline
Expressed along the sides
activates Robo1
blocks ability to respond to Netrin
blocks Robo1 expression near midline so growth cone can respond to Netrin
Robo3 mutations are associated with
The axonal growth cone must reach ______ for a NMJ
Cells of the PNS and ANS are formed from
provide myelination in the PNS
forms the dorsal root and chain ganglia of the ANS
dorsal root ganglia run along the
spinal nerves contain both
sensory neurons within each dorsal root ganglion sprout processes that grow into the neural tube to synapase with _______
the dorsal root connects the __________ to the ______
True or false: the spinal cord in humans grows faster than the vertebral column.
Organized as 2 chains running ventrolateral to the vertebral bodies
fight or flight stress response
rest and digest functions
true or false: neurons in one chain ganglion may synapse only at rostral levels
True or false: spinal cord is different dorsally vs. ventrally?
and extra floor plate and no dorsal side of spinal cord
nucleotide analog taken up in rapidly dividing cells
In a Robo3 knockout, Robo1 is always
The stem cells live in the
toxin that disrupts all NMJ development would halt muscle development at
Without innervation and NMJ there would be
No Schwann cells leads to
A deficit in this system would cause excessive calmness and passing out
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