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these animals have a 2 chambered heart
these animals have a 3 chambered heart
these animals have a 4 chambered heart
the order of blood flow from body to heart is
this side of the heart carries deoxygenated blood
this side of the heart carries oxygenated blood
these form the atrium
this splits the heart into 2 different pumps
results from failure of septum to separate the ventricle, leads to mixing of arterial and venous blood, occurs especially in pulmonary artery
What genes regulate the formation of a 4-chambered heart?
Tbx5 is expressed in all sections of the heart EXCEPT
mutations in Tbx5 lead to these 2 kinds of defects
ectopic expression of Tbx5 leads to
Tbx5 expression in left and right ventricles leads to
The cardiac outflow tract consists of
the cardiac outflow tract derives from
The septa that separates the truncus arteriosus into the pulmonary artery and aorta form from
the origin of the lung is
lung bud begins as an outpouching of the
lung bud first forms these 2 things
possible congenital defects in lung bud development
lungs form by this method
which bronchial branches form first?
the lung bud responds to ______ cues
molecules lung bud responds to
the lung primordium emerges from this, same origin as gut
the last part of the lung to form is the
human left lung has how many lobes?
human right lung has how many lobes?
this type of signaling is required for branching morphogenesis
branching morphogenesis is regulated by genes in these signaling pathways
oxygenated air is brought in contact with these which permit CO2 and oxygen exchange
alveolar sacs form from the
another name for alveoli
FGF signaling is required to promote the _____ fate in branching morphogenesis
lack of FGFR3 and FGFR4 fails to produce
cuboidal alveolar cells that can regenerate or form the other type of cells
flatten and enable greater gas exchange
two components of lung that regenerate
True or false: prenatal heart and lungs mix blood?
in this disorder, the shunt in the heart is not closed
in this disorder, there is no separation between aorta and pulmonary artery
this disorder is a neural crest defect
transition to air breathing includes production of
surfactant is produced by ____ alveolar cells
pulmonary surfactant is made mostly of
the function of surfactant is to reduce ______ in alveoli
involve insufficient levels of surfactant
without surfactant, alveoli will ______
infants born 6+ weeks before due date due to lack of surfactant

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