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gene required for vertebrate eye development
begins to form as an evagination of the diencephalic neural folds, before the cranial neuropore has closed
optic vesicle invaginates to become the
surface ectoderm is induced by
contact with the optic cup is necessary for maintenance and development of the
lens placode begins to invaginate to form the
lens placode eventually pinches off of ______ to form a ______ enclosed in the optic cup
epithelial cells differentiate into lens fiber cells that produce
mesenchyme surrounds developing eyeball to form the
upper and lower eyelids form as folds of
inner layer of optic cup differentiates to form the
auditory ossicles
stapes hits this area
malleus hits the
the auditory apparatus is part of the _______ and is used for _____
the vestibular apparatus is used for
the vestibule is continuous with the
both the cochlea and the vestibule contain
hair cells are tuned to _____ dependent locations along the ______
high frequency at ______, low frequency at ______
the vestibular apparatus is used for
the vestibule is continuous with the
both the cochlea and the vestibule contain
tectorial membrane is part of the
main sensory receptors, afferent nerve fibers to the cochlear nuclei in the brainstem
acoustic pre-amplifier, convert receptor potentials into cell length changes at acoustic frequencies
inner ear forms from the ______ which originated from ________
the endolymphatic duct eventually forms
the cytocyst forms the
genes associated with Loss of cochlea
gene associated with loss of anterior and posterior canals
gene associated with loss of lateral
prelingual deafness is associated with mutation in
each connexon is composed of
Expression of connexin 26 is ________ in cochlea
A strong ____ gradient is needed to hear
pinna develops from
the embryological origin of the lens is the
head surface ectoderm makes
this is a thickening of the head surface ectoderm

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