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M Phase depends on DNA replication and _____ Duplication in preceding interphase
M phase is divided into ____ stages
sister chromatids are held together by
DNA is coiled by
the contractile ring in cytokinesis is made of
the mitotic spindle is made of
Proteins required for cytokinesis are activated by _____ during mitosis
Remnants of mitotic spindle are required for assembly of
replicated chromosomes condense, mitotic spindle assembles between 2 centrosomes
in prometaphase, chromosomes can now attach to spindle microtubules via
in metaphase ______ attach sister chromatids to opposite poles of the spindle
sister chromatids synchronously separate, _______ move apart
2 sets of daughter chromosomes arrive at the ______ of the spindle and decondense
DNA is replicated in
mitotic spindle in animals develops from
Microtubule asters form around each of the 2 _______ produced at S phase
True or false: plant cells have an actin-myosin contractile ring
Microtubules become _____ stable during mitosis
interactions between opposing motor proteins and microtubules of opposite polarity drive
attach centrosomes to mitotic spindle
during anaphase A, these disassemble
pushing and pulling forces contribute to
when _____ stabilize, microtubule instability increases
When ______ destabilize, microtubule instability increases
rapid ______ results in survival of only productive microtubules
organize tubules at spindle poles
push tubules of opposite orientation against each other
attach chromosomes to the mitotic spindle
kinetochores bind to
shortening of kinetochore microtubules, movement of daughter chromosomes to poles, force generated mainly at kinetochores
a sliding force is generated between overlap of microtubules from opposite poles to push the poles apart
a pulling force acts directly on the poles to move them apart
drives chromosome movement and microtubule disassembly
determine the plane of cell division
must be distributed to daughter cells in cytokinesis
True or false: Mitosis always includes cytokinesis
guides cytokinesin in higher plants
M phase evolved gradually from
a bacterial tubulin homolog

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