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You see a 6 year old girl with a prominent patch of white hair on the top of her head and one blue and one brown eye. You suspect that she has a syndromic disorder involving neural
If you rotate somites 180, the trunk neural crest migrates through the _____
Which cells produce myelin in the central nervous system
Injury to the dorsal spinal nerve root would result in no
The role of Tbx5 in limb bud development is to specify the
What is expressed in the apical ectodermal ridge that induces underlying mesenchyme and if disrupted in expression will lead to loss of digits?
During hemangioblast differentiation, Runx1 determines which cells becomes ________
signaling between endosteal osteoblasts and hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) in the niche are necessary for maintenance of HSC
the paired cardiac primordia arise in the
The Gata 4-/- mouse dies embryonically and was found to have two linear heart tubes. This was due to a defect in
The cardiach cushions have important roles in heart formation. Defects in the cushions have been associated with
Defects can arise early during the formatino of the primordial lung bud, leading to severe birth defects involving malformation of the trachea and
Which region of the heart must not express Tbx5 in order to develop normally?
During embryonic development, there are 3 rounds of kidney formation, but our adult kidneys are derived from
Failure of the metanephric mesenchyme to interact with the ureteric bud can lead to which congenital defect?
Formation of a new tail in the lizard after autonomy exemplifies
A hydra can be cut inhalf to generate 2 smaller but complete Hydra, this describes what form of regeneration
iPS cells can be generated from adult differentiated cells by carrying out expression of which 4 genes?
A mechanism underlying teratogenic defects found in embryos exposed to alcohol is impaired migration and differentiation of the
BPA is most likely which class of endocrine disruptor?
You have a patient that is complaining of extremely sore joints and upon observation has bluish-black pigmented inclusions in their skin and eyes, what disorder is this?
Progeria results from the activation of a cryptic splice site in the LaminA gene. This mutation results in
The shape of finch beaks corresponding to amount of BMP4 and Calmodulin expression is an example of what type of evolution?
Evolution from two distinct lineages with similar body shape is an example of
From which region in the embryo does the neural crest originate?
What tissue derives from neural crest?
What cells in the central nervous system are star shaped, function to feed neurons, and form a blood brain barrier?
Mutation in the Notch receptor would lead to too many _____ and too few _____ and ____
In a chick embryo, if you removed the AER late in development of forelimb bud, you would see
What is expressed in the ZPA that produces a rostral-caudal morphogen gradient in the limb bud?
A child with severe infections is found to lack mature B and T cells due to a defect in
During T cell clonal selection, weak binding of ____ plus peptide epitope results in ____ selection of CD8+ T cells.
The process that allows for the expression of the highly diverse T cell and B cell receptors is termed
EphrinB2 and EphrinB4 connect
Neural crest migrates into the truncus arteriosus during development to separate the cardiac outflow tract into
Surfactant is critical to reduce alveoli surface tension; when does it begin to be expressed?
During embryogenesis, the gut tube forms from the endoderm. Which organs derives from this gut tube?
Cranial and trunk neural crest migrate along the developing gut tube to form the enteric nervous system, what can result from failure of this migration?
In congenital omphalocele, what portion of the gut tube remains stuck outside at birth?
In the zebrafish, regeneration by proliferation of differentiated cardiomyocytes can produce more cardiomyocytes, what is this an example of?
Salamanders can reform their limbs after amputation, what is this an example of?
exposure to DES in utero causes defects of female reproductive tract by the molecular mechanism of DES activating the ______ and inhibiting activation of ____ and _____ genes
Are large compounds likely to be teratogens?
A child born with an inborn error of metabolism will appear _____ at birth
hepatosplenomegaly and lipid filled foam cells indicate what disorder?
mutations that disrupt timing of specific developmental events in one tissue relative to other tissues is a ______ mutation
The changes in growth of the limb bones is an example of
Which part of the Pitx1 gene would have changed in sequence in the freshwater Stickleback to lose ventral spines?

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