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In mammals, meiosis results in
sister chromatids separate only in
A young man was given a chemotherapy drug that caused Sertoli cells to die. The most likely result is loss of
A protein expressed on spermatogonia but not spermatids or spermatozoa is located next to the ______ in ______
The intracellular signaling pathways that cause oocytes to resume meiosis involve
One mechanism that ensures species-specificity of fertilization in sea urchins is secretion of ____ by the ____
If you take capacitated mouse sperm and incubate it with a high concentration of ZP3, then mix the sperm with ovulated mouse eggs, the sperm will ________ to the _____
The process by which the chromosomes of the egg and those of the sperm combine just before the beginning of the first cleavage division
Cortical granule exocytosis is part of the
This is necessary for sea urchin spermatozoa to recognize eggs in species-specific manner
The most appropriate ART procedure for lack of motile sperm is
delayed puberty, lack of secondary sex characteristics, low FSH and LH in a man are symptoms of
a history of early recurrent miscarriages, no abnormalities in uterus are signs of
lack of onset of menstruation, high testosterone and LH levels, 46 XY are symptoms of
If you have a loss of function mutation in the aromatase gene you would expect female levels of estrone/estradiol to ______ and testosterone and androstenedioen to _____
At E7, BMP4 and BMP8b are secreted from the extraembryonic ectoderm. In response to these factors, cells at the posterior of the embryo will become
In insects and worms, PIE-1 and polar granule component (pgc) inhibit _____, blocking the ability of germ cell progenitors to ______ in response to signaling factors
Which hormone must be present during embryogenesis in order for the vas deferens, epididymis and seminal vesicles to form?
Granulosa cells and sertoli cells originate from what?
Adding Nanos to female germ cells
Adding Nanos to male germ cells
Gonadal dysgenesis that results in XY females occurs becuase of duplication of part of chromosome ____ containing ____ and ____
In mice transgenic for Sry, which type of individuals are phenotypically male?
Two factors necessary for B-catenin activation and ovary development
In haplodiploid sex determination, which embryo will be a diploid female?
during fruitfly development what mechanism regulates expression of female specific sex-lethal and transformer proteins?
during chick gastrulation, which cells migrate through the primitive streak to form the embryonic endoderm and mesoderm?
Which genetic pathway would most likely be disrupted to cause cervical ribs?
A shortened trunk and fused vertebrae and ribs is most likely to result from disruption of ____ expression of _____ in _____
In mouse gastrulation, which is the first structure formed that establishes the rostral-caudal (anterior-posterior) axis?
All of the cells in your adult body derive from which cells in the blastocyst?
To establish left-right axis in gastrulation, which structure plays the most important role?
One of the least severe forms of neural tube defect and associated with hairy patch of skin in lumbar area
Where would you expect to find the expression of folate binding proteins?
The notochord is an embryonic structure that plays a key role in specifying which region of the developing neural tube?
The brain develops from which embryonic germ layer?
hole in the neural tube goes on to form
The hypaxial muscles, which include the abdominal muscles, derive from which embryonic structures?
If you want to design a drug to increase bone density, you want to inhibit
exposure to high level of CO during earliest stages of somitogenesis will result in defects in what region of the vertebral column?
The somites develop from which embryonic germ layer
patients with osteogenesis imperfecta have brittle bones due to mutation in
which embryological germ layer gives rise to the retina?
What part of the ear derives from the otic placode?
What part of the eye derives from the optic placode?
A mouse mutant with a defect in semicicular canals in ears results in
correct order of middle ear ossicles from oval window of inner ear

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