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Promoter sequences are required for the initiation of
The Hox genes encode proteins that are known to be transcription factors. Based on this, you would expect to find most Hox proteins in the
The 100 GU nucleotides are binding sites for
in a gene diagram, the filled in boxes are
in a gene diagram, the unfilled boxes are
The elongation process of translation contains 3 steps which are repeated for each amino acid that is added to the growing peptide. One of those steps is formation of the
information flows from DNA to RNA during
information flows from RNA to protein during
signaling that does not involve direct contact is
transplantation of dermal mesenchyme beneath epidermal epithelium of the wing illustrates the process of
After RNA is initially transcribed, it is processed to remove sequences that we call
This targets mRNAs for degradation and represses translation
this leads to intracellular localization of mRNAs in a large cell
correct 5'-->3' order of genomic elements of a typical protein coding gene
correct order of developmental steps leading to a specialized cell type
To target a specific gene to make a knockout mutation in ES cells, researchers take advantage of
A transgenic mouse is not a chimera because injected _____ into a fertilized egg means all cells have the transgene
Cre recombinase is expressed wherever its _____ is specific for
in situ hybridization detects
RT-PCR detects
If you did not have a knockout mutation for a gene, another way you could block its expression would be to use
Which binds enhancers?
In order to terminate RNA transcription, which sequence is required?
transcription factors bind to
If there is a single tropomyosi ngene but different tropomyosin proteins in different cell types, they are produced by
The initial mRNA precursor contains _____ which make it _____ than mature mRNA
If you disrupt the expression of cadherin in Xenopus frog embryos, the cells will disaggregate. The role of cadherin in Xenopus is best described as
What protein must be expressed on the inducing cell in Notch signaling for cell signaling to take place?
production of an ECM that signals precursor cells to differentiate is an example of
high levels of histone deacetylation results in ____ of transcription
Acetylation _____ transcription
Methylation _____ transcription
The step at which cells are reversibly committed to a particular cell fate
In C. elegans, the ventral fate of the EMS cell is induced by paracrine signaling from the adjacent P2 cell. If the P2 cell is destroyed by laser light, ventral fate cells do not f
The source of progenitor cells that migrate and form the hair root matrix is the
Embryonic stem cells represented a scientific breakthrough because they are ______ and can be _____
You want to know if a specific enhancer from the herculin gene regulates skeletal muscle specific expresion of this gene. You would do this by making a ______ mouse that expresses
In the Wnt paracrine signaling pathway, ____ is secreted from the inducing cell and _____ is the receptor on the responding cell
You want to determine all of the embryonic time points at which the zombie gene is expressed. The best method for this is
If you breed the Cre recombinase mice that have loxP sites on either side of the Pdx1 gene with heart specific expression, Cre recombinase will _____ the Pdx1 gene in the cells of
The most efficient way to identify all the genes regulated by a transcription factor in a developing embryo is
If you had mRNA isolated from both stimulated and unstimulated cells, to determine whether a set of 20 genes are expressed after Shh stimulation, use

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