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Who is Jackson's Handpicked Sucessor?
What year was Jackson elected president?
Who is known also known as the Great Compromiser?
Who quoted, 'Liberty and Union, Now and Forever, One and Inserperable'?
Chief Justice _______ influenced Federalists decisions.
Political Party of Andrew Jackson
The scandal that continued until the entire real Cabinet resigned.
Jackson exercised the ______ more than the previous 6 presidents.
Name of Andrew Jackson's wife.
Andrew Jackson hated and threatened to kill what several times?
How many terms did Jackson server?
What third party emerged due to Jackson being a mason?
Jackson removing federal deposits and placing them into pet banks caused what?
What did Jackson Issue that required public lands to be purchased by hard currency or metallic money?
Name of the road that Jackson Vetoed for revenge.
What act led to the 'Trail of Tears'?
What party formed in 1832 who opposed the growing party of the presidency under Jackson?
Who ran for president against Jackson in 1832?

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