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QUIZ: Can you name the members of the British Antarctic Expedition?

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Captain and Expedition LeaderLed the journey to the South Pole.
Lieutenant and second-in-commandHis account of the expedition, 'South with Scott', was published in 1921.
Lieutenant and First Officer on board the shipLed the Northern Party that was forced to spend the winter in an ice cave on Inexpressible Island.
Lieutenant and StorekeeperParticipated in journey to the South Pole.
Captain and in Charge of PoniesParticipated in journey to the South Pole.
SurgeonParticipated in Northern Party.
Surgeon and ParasitologistGave his name to cliffs on the north coast of Victoria Land, Antarctica.
Chief of Scientific Staff and ZoologistParticipated in journey to the South Pole.
MeteorologistGave his name to a glacier in the Scott Mountains, Antarctica.
GeologistHis account of the expedition, 'With Scott: The Silver Lining', was published in 1915.
BiologistGave his name to cliffs west of Simpson Glacier, Antarctica.
GeologistEstablished the Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge, UK.
PhysicistReturned for the last time to Antarctica in 1965, aged 78.
GeologistParticipated in Northern Party.
Camera ArtistHis restored films of the expedition have recently been released by the BFI under the title 'The Great White Silence'.
In Charge of DogsIrish linguist, adventurer and fur-trader.
Motor EngineerGave his name to a cape on the northern coast of Victoria Land, Antarctica.
Assistant ZoologistHis memoir of the expedition, 'The Worst Journey in the World', is considered one of the best books in adventure literature.
Sub-Lieutenant and Ski ExpertWas the first person to fly across the North Sea.
Chief StokerWas awarded the Albert Medal for saving the life of one his companions.
Chief StewardGave his name to a cape in Granite Harbour, Antarctica.
CookSuffered a severe concussion by falling off an iceberg.
Petty OfficerParticipated in journey to the South Pole.
Petty OfficerGave his name to a mountain near Hunt Glacier, Antarctica.
Petty OfficerWas awarded the Albert Medal for saving the life of one his companions.
Petty OfficerGave his name to a ridge on Marie Byrd Land, Antarctica.
Petty OfficerFell down 8 crevasses in 25 minutes, a record achievement.
Petty OfficerParticipated in Northern Party.
Petty Officer, 2nd ClassParticipated in Northern Party.
Able SeamanParticipated in Northern Party.
StewardTook part in the second ascent of Antarctica's volcanic Mount Erebus.
GroomWas a professional jockey before joining the expedition.
Dog DriverWent back to Russia after the expedition to work in a gold mine.

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