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AGiant arachnid of Hagrid's
BName of ill-fated bunny of Lavender Brown's
CHarry's first love interest
DDumbledore's bequeath to Ron
EWrote A Beginners Guide to Transfiguration
FWerewolf whom attacked Lupin
GRoom in which meals were eaten, excluding the Halloween feast of Harry's first year, which was finished elsewhere
HThe grey lady
IHarry's ancestor; the cleverest of the three brothers
JHufflepuff whose name was down at Eton
KWizard Chess position Ron took through the trapdoor
LThe Knight Bus unloaded Harry here into the waiting arms of Fudge
MThe essence of this substance soothed Harry's scarred hand
NContrary to the beliefs of movie lovers, he did not give Harry the gillyweed, but he has one heck of a nosebleed voice
OPerson whom Moaning Myrtle haunted for a brief period
PPansy Parkinson was said to have a face like a what?
QThe Man with Two Faces
ROne of the three hallows, which allows the question 'Does it hurt?'
SDevil's ______ softened the fall through the trapdoor
TSon of Remus and Nymphadora
UDolores Jane __________
VName of a particular worker at Grunning's
WInfamous tree of Hogwarts
XSorry Mister but an erumpent horn is no toy
YDeath Eater that asked Snape for 'News?'
ZLast name of a Slug Club Slytherin

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