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Can you name the facts relating to the Arab Spring from the given clues?

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Frustrated by the coutry's tax laws, street vendor Mohamed Bouazizi sets fire to himself in this country, sparking mass protests.17 December, 2010
This president of Tunisia resigns and flees the country.14 January, 2011
Thousands protest Egypt's authoritarian regime in this square in Cairo.25 January, 2011
This Egyptian opposition leader and Nobel Peace prize laureate returns to his country to support the protests.27 January, 2011
This entity refuses orders to shoot at protesters in Cairo.31 January, 2011
After 18 days of protests in his capital, this man steps down as president of Egypt.11 February, 2011
Demonstrators are beaten by police as the protests reach this city, the capital of Algeria.12 February, 2011
Members of this branch of Islam protest against the ruling Sunnis in Bahrain.14 February, 2011
Thousands of people protest in Marrakech, Rabat, Tangier and this, the largest Moroccan city.21 February, 2011
Libyan dissidents bring this city, Libya's second-largest, under their control.23 February, 2011
The Saudi Arabian military assists Bahrain's crackdown on dissidents by sending tanks over this bridge linking the countries.14 March, 2011
A monument to this, a symbol of Bahrain's protestors, is torn down by government forces in Manama.18 March, 2011
With UN support declared the previous day, Coalition forces begin to enforce this in the airspace over Libya.18 March, 2011
Despite denying their possibility, this Syrian president sees protests spread to his country.19 March, 2011
After nullifying multiple deals for him to step down, Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh survives an assassination attempt and is flown to this country to recuperate.3 June, 2011
This tribunal centred in The Hague issues arrest warrants for Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi, his son and brother-in-law.27 June, 2011
The freshly deposed Egyptian president arrives in court in this to protect him from attacks.3 August, 2011
After conquering this city, the Libyan rebels relocate their interim government here.26 August, 2011
The European Union bans the import of this from Syria.2 September, 2011
Tawakel Karman, a leading political activist in Yemen, receives this exclusive honor for her role in the anti-regime protests.7 October, 2011
Gaddafi is killed in this town, his hometown, ending a bloody battle for the city.20 October, 2011
This party wins a majority in Tunisia in the first elections held as a result of the Arab Spring.24 October, 2011
This regional alliance votes to suspend Syria's membership in response to the government crackdown on protests.12 November, 2011
Elections are held in Egypt amid renewed protests, with this party receiving a probable majority.28 November, 2011
This Yemeni president finally leaves the country, seeking medical treatment in the US.22 January, 2012
A UN Security Council resolution condemning the Syrian government is vetoed by China and this country.4 February, 2012

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