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Synonymized QuoteSpeakerOriginal Quote
We will never forget this great historic moment! Long live Africa!
The Challenger's crew made us proud by serving so selflessly.
Egypt's citizens have sent me here with a proclamation of defence, sanctuary, and harmony
Now, the most fulfilling claim among free men is 'Ich komme aus Berlin'
Dozens of us party officials have, ourselves, lent our names to cities or sovkhozes
A steel shutter has been affixed across Europe from Szczecin on the Oder to Istria on the Gulf of Trieste.
We hereby declare independence from France and revoke every transnational commitment France has agreed to for Viet Nam.
I have notified my administration to accept the capitulation demands of the US, UK, China, and USSR.
Synonymized QuoteSpeakerOriginal Quote
When I mentioned the capture of Rome to you yesterday, I was already aware that American and British soldiers were conducting a far larger mission on the Channel
Not one provision of the Fourteen Points—the agreement that caused Germany to surrender—has been upheld.
I am confident that it is for the good of India and Great Britain that I showed non-cooperation
I may be leaving France, but you will carry on serving her. I acted only for her prosperity.
I cannot speak for others, but as far as I'm concerned, free me or kill me!
I now demand of the Parliament unequivocally to disband and leave.
I stand here, powerless. May the Lord help me. Amen!

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