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Synonymized QuoteSpeakerOriginal Quote
I trust in harmony in our day
Not once in war’s history have so many been indebted, so greatly, to such a small handful
this day shall exist in ill repute
...demolish this barrier
The taste of success has indulged our tongue too quickly
Your return will precede the autumn
I’m taking only a short stride, but it’s a huge bound for all humans
If unjust concessions are to be stopped, we must rebel as socialists
Synonymized QuoteSpeakerOriginal Quote
I have a vision...
The Falkland Islands will endure as a territory of the United Kingdom
…I have performed my last task as monarch…
A rebellion is never pleasant. It is a lethal struggle between what has been and what is yet to come.
The steps we take towards liberty are permanent
They intended to oust the Communist Party and bring down the socialist structure.
...my prophecy of Tibet’s future is an accurate idea, not just a delusion.

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