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Flag Change Country % Correct
Add white star in upper left. Change order of existing 49 stars.United States
Remove red Vt stripe and letter “R”. Add Hz blue stripe in top half and sun in top right. Turn Vt yellow and green stripes to Hz and move to middle and bottom. Darken green.Rwanda
Remove blue box, 13 stars, gear and rice paddy. Add yellow Hz stripe at top and green Hz stripe in middle. Enlarge remaining white star and move to center.Myanmar
Add Hz black stripe in middle and and Hz red stripe at top. Add white crescent and star in center.Libya
Remove flags from center and orange and white Hz stripes from top and middle. Add red Hz stripe at top, a black-on-gold triangle at left and Hz green-on-white Y form to middle.South Africa
Remove three green stars from middle and change script of the takbir (Allahu Akbar).Iraq
Remove arms of Savoy from center.Italy
Remove emblem from top left. Add Basotho hat to centre and Hz white stripe to middle. Darken and turn blue and green diagonal stripes to Hz and move to top and bottom.Lesotho
Shrink cross and move to top left. Add four Hz white stripes to alternate with existing blue background.Greece
Remove gold Vergina Sun from center. Add larger sun in its place with rays extending off of the red background.Macedonia
Remove maroon background and black and white Hz stripes in top left. Add white background with a red cross extending over the edges. Add red bolnur-katskhuri crosses to each cornerGeorgia
Flag Change Country % Correct
Remove elephant in regalia from center. Add blue-on-white Hz stripe to middle.Thailand
Move Hz red and black stripes to middle and top. Replace red rising sun at top. Remove full white sun in center.Malawi
Remove coat of arms and palm leaf from centre. Add three green diamonds arranged in “V” pattern in centre. Enlarge Vt yellow stripe in middle.Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Add eighth white star to semi-circle in center.Venezuela
Remove Airavata, pedestal and umbrella from center. Add Hz blue stripe to middle and white circle to center.Laos
Remove six gold stars from left. Add red ascending diagonal stripe flanked by two gold stripes. Move gold star from center to top left.Democratic Republic of the Congo
Remove white Hz stripes at top and bottom. Add Vt ornamentation to left and green Hz stripe to bottom. Extend Hz red stripe in middle to include top.Belarus
Remove black box on left and red box on right. Shrink coat of arms in center. Add Hz blue stripe to top half and Hz red stripe to bottom half. Haiti
Remove Saint John’s Eagle from center-left and add coat of arms in its place.Spain
Remove swords from seal. Recolor from gold to white. Replace Hz white stripe from middle with Vt red stripe. Turn Hz green and black stripes to Vt and move to right and left.Afghanistan
Remove kanaga from center.Mali

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