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QUIZ: Can you name the country given a thing that bears its name?

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______ HatA tropical, brimmed hat.
_______ LeatherLeather made from goatskin and dyed red.
______ GooseA North American goose known for its migrations.
______ NutA South American tree and its seed.
______ AlmondsA type of candied almonds.
Pontypool _____The imitation of Asian lacquerwork.
______ VultureA buzzard that often feeds on carrion.
______ PigA small housepet.
____ PepperA spicy fruit used in many bean dishes.
Hanging ____A partially attached sliver on a paper ballot.
Fine ____Dishware.
_____ BeerA non-alcoholic wheat soda.
____ LibreA drink made of cola, lime, and white rum.
_____ InkA simple black ink.
_____ Stain TestUsed to diagnose steatorrhea.
______ CatArchaic British name for tabby cats.

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