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Brad Pitt, Samuel L. Jackson, Gary Oldman1994
Robert De Niro, Benicio Del Toro, Ellen Barkin1996
Meg Ryan, Tim Robbins, Tom Cruise1986
Director of the above 3 movies?
Two actors from 'Beverly Hills 90210' appeared in which movie by this director?2005
Above movie featured this female lead?
She starred with Clive Owen and Stellan Skarsgaard in this movie?2004
Skarsgaard experienced problems with this guy in 'Good Will Hunting', the same goes for Clive Owen in 'The Bourne Identity'?
Above actor had a cameo in this movie with Sean Connery and Busta Rhymes?2000
Above movie and 'Good Will Hunting' are directed by this guy?
Above director is also behind this movie with Nicole Kidman?1995
Which actor would die for Nicole Kidman in above movie?
He faced off against Russell Crowe in this movie?2000
Who directed the above movie?
Above director and his brother were both producers on this movie starring Liam Neeson and Jessica Biel?2010
Above movie is based on a TV-series. Who played B.A. in the original series?
Above actor went fist to fist with Sylvester Stallone in this franchise?1982
Who was Stallones opponent in the next movie?
Who played the above opponent's wife and was Stallones real life wife?
She starred in Tony Scotts 'Beverly Hills Cop 2', but also in 'Red Sonja' where she met this big guy?
Stallone + above mentioned opponent + big guy stars together in this movie?2010
Above movie also features this actor who starred in the two Tony Scott movies 'Domino' and 'Man on Fire'?
Above actor was a real badass in this Frank Miller/Robert Rodriguez collaboration? 2005
Who was special guest director on above film?
Same guy directed this movie with Michael Madsen and David Carradine?2003, 2004
David Carradine faced off against Sylvester Stallone in this movie?1975
What was David Carradine's character name in the above movie?
Above name is also the name of a Mary Shelley horror book. Who starred as the monster in the 1994 remake of the book?
Above actor has often been used by this celebrated director?
Above director was behind this movie starring Leonardo Dicaprio, Daniel Day Lewis and Brendan Gleeson?2002
Same year Brendan Gleeson appeared in this horror movie by Danny Boyle?2002
Who played the lead in the above movie?
Above actor played the character 'Scarecrow' in this franchise?2005, 2008
Who played 'Lucius Fox' in above franchise?
Above actor played 'Azeem' and aided Kevin Costner in this movie? (full title needed)1991
Ridley Scott directed this actor in the same role as Costner 19 years later?
Name 3 Ridley Scott movies starring above actor:
Movie no. 3 also starred what actor as 'Frank Lucas'?
Name 3 Tony Scott movies with above actor?
The two Actors from the above 6 movies faced off in this movie by Brett Leonard?1995
Above movie also featured Louise Fletcher, better known as 'Nurse Ratched' from what movie?1975
Who played the lead in the above movie?
He said this in what movie?: 'You can't handle the truth!' 1992
Above movie featured an actor who is connected to everyone by a max of six degrees :)

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