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'You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know. That Santiago's death, while tragic, probably saved lives.'Jack Nicholson
'We see a deadly sin on every street corner... We tolerate it morning, noon, and night. Well, not anymore. I'm setting the example.'Kevin Spacey
'I'm saying that when the President does it, it's *not* illegal!' Frank Langella
'My father is no different than any powerful man, any man with power, like a president or senator. 'Al Pacino
'Our purpose is to maintain stability in an unstable world - kill one, save a thousand.'Morgan Freeman
'Yeah, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam. I told 'em not to touch the alarm - they touched it. If they hadn't done what I told 'em not to do, they'd still be alive.'Michael Madsen
'Now I see this clearly. My whole life is pointed in one direction. There never has been a choice for me.' Robert De Niro
'Get with it. Millions of galaxies of hundreds of millions of stars, in a speck on one in a blink. That's us, lost in space. The cop, you, me... Who notices?''Tom Cruise
'So, I find you. And what do I find? Not only are you not dead, you're getting married, to some **** jerk, and you're pregnant. I... overreacted.'David Carradine
'In order to shame its inadequacy, it is necessary to act outside the law. To pursue... natural justice.'Thomas Jane
'What about the old American social custom of self-defense? If the police don't defend us, maybe we ought to do it ourselves.'Charles Bronson
'When a forest grows too wild, a purging fire is inevitable and natural.' Liam Neeson
'It's just murder. All God's creatures do it.' Woody Harrelson
'I've saved the Earth from hell. We both have. This is as much your victory as it is mine. Now we can return. Do what we were meant to.'Matthew Goode
'Well, justice should be harsh Nick... especially for those who denied it to others.' Gerard Butler
'I don't blame myself. You see, Mr. Gittes, most people never have to face the fact that at the right time and the right place, they're capable of ANYTHING.'John Huston
'I never killed anybody who didn't deserve it.' Christopher Walken
'You thought we could be decent men, in an indecent time! But you were wrong. The world is cruel, and the only morality in a cruel world is chance. Unbiased, unprejudiced... fair.'Aaron Eckhart
'It's NOT wrong. INITECH is wrong. INITECH is an evil corporation, all right?' Ron Livingston
''s illogical and irresponsible for you to sentence me to prison. Because, when you think about it, what did I really do? I crossed an imaginary line with a bunch of plants.'Johnny Depp

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