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Can you name the movies with 'blood' in the title?

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P.T. Anderson's acclaimed oil movie featuring Daniel Day-Lewis.2007
Crime movie featuring Clint Eastwood & Jeff Daniels. 2002
The directorial debut by the Coen Brothers.1984
Gang movie about the 'Vatos Locos' - original US title is 'Bound by Honor'1993
Classic Sylvester Stallone movie which spawned 3 sequels.1982
Directed by Bob Rafelson. Starring Jack Nicholson & Jennifer Lopez.1996
A dramatization of the Irish civil rights protest march.2002
Early Van Damme movie where he portrays martial arts expert Frank Dux.1988
TV-Movie starring James Caan & Johnathon Schaech. 2002
John Huston starred and directed - Brad Dourif had the lead.1979
Adaptation of Truman Capote's famous book. Starring Robert Blake & Scott Wilson.1967
John Wayne has to transport a whole village to Hong Kong on an ancient paddle steamer. 1955
Leonardo DiCaprio & Jennifer Connelly in Sierra Leone.2006
Uwe Boll movie starring Kristanna Loken & Ben Kingsley as vamps.2005
Harry Potter begins his 6th year at Hogwarts School...2009
Second installment in this movie series about snakes.2004
4th installment in this horror series, starring Doug Bradley as Pinhead.1996
Werewolf movie featuring Agnes Bruckner & Olivier Martinez.2007
Vampire movie starring Lucy Liu.2007
'Son Gok├╗' is the main character in this anime.1986
Martial Arts movie starring Michael Jai White as 'Isaiah Bone'. 2009
Crime movie starring Carrie-Anne Moss & Shawn Wayans. 1999

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