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Christopher Reeve flying around saving people.1978
Robert Downey Jr. in an armored suit.2008
They killed his wife, now Vin Diesel is mad as hell.2003
Arnold in a Stephen King adaptation.1987
Dustin Hoffman is good at counting cards.1988
Johnny Depp and Iggy Pop in a Jarmusch movie.1995
Christian Bale's first appearance as this superhero.2005
A simple man becomes a virtual reality god - starring Pierce Brosnan and Jeff Fahey.1992
Russell Crowe as boxer Jim Braddock.2005
Michael Douglas as a cynical womanizer.2009
Black comedy about 'Larry Gopnik' - directed by the Coen Brothers.2009
Bruce Willis vs gangsters. Same plot as 'Yojimbo' and 'A Fistful of Dollars'.1996
Hitchcock movie with Henry Fonda.1956
Tobey Maguire = Peter Parker.2002
Hannibal is not Hopkins, but Brian Cox.1986
Benicio Del Toro is an animal.2010
Sean Connery in the Amazon - wants to cure cancer.1992
Jim Carrey can't say no.2008
Nicolas Cage is a meteorologist.2005
Nicolas Cage again - this time he's searching for his daughter in a neo-pagan community.2006
What is it with this guy?! Nicolas Cage wakes up in a new life. Ferrari has become a mini-van.2000
Stallone vs Snipes in the future.1993
Robin Williams has to sell 12 cars in two days.1990
Kenneth Branagh and Robert Downey Jr. - Story by John Grisham.1998
Dustin Hoffman encounters a terrible dentist.1976
Leonardo Dicaprio x 2, also some musketeers.1998
Second Bond Movie with Roger Moore.1974
Paul Rudd on man-dates.2009
'I Am Legend' with Charlton Heston.1971
Seagal and Wayans kick some ass, mostly Seagal though.1996
Swamp-monster burns those who feel fear.2005
Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson as bikers.1991
Coen brothers movie with Billy Bob Thornton.2001
A 'heist movie' with Clive Owen and Denzel Washington.2006
Antonio Banderas has an affair with Liam Neeson's wife.2008
Denzel Washington searches for Dakota Fanning. Bad guys die in the process.2004
Orson Welles in a crime classic (#65 on IMDB's top 250)1949
Wayans bros sillyness. Tagline: 'Big things come in small packages'.2006
Jim Carrey as Andy Kaufman.1999
Ron Burgundy?2004
Mel Gibson's directorial debut.1993
Emilio Estevez will get the car for you.1984
Amandy Bynes disguises herself as a boy and plays soccer.2006
Robin Williams is an android. Wants to be human.1999
Tommy Lee Jones protects all the cheerleaders.2005
Hilary Duff hooks her mom up.2005
Richard Harris gets an indian name.1970
Dustin Hoffman gets an indian name.1970
Carpenter Movie - Jeff Bridges is an alien.1984
Kevin Bacon becomes invisible (and psychotic).2000

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