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Can you name the action movies based on characters from other action movies?

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Characters from other action moviesMovieYear
The Terminator, Action Jackson, Cooke 1987
Judge Dredd, Snake Plissken, Paris Carver 1989
Neo, Dalton, Mr. Joshua 1991
He-Man, Eric Draven, Juno Skinner 1991
Indiana Jones, Odysseus, Nick Fury 1992
Dirty Harry, Cyrus 'The Virus' Grissom, Lorna Cole 1993
Jack Ryan, Agent K, Cypher 1993
Luc Deveraux / GR44, Bishop, High Priest Imhotep 1993
James Bond, Castor Troy / Sean Archer, Kyle Reese 1996
Maverick, Léon, Nathan 'Diamond Dog' Jones 1996
Hartigan, Violet, Det. James Carter 1997
William Stranix, Blade, Sherlock Holmes1998
Mike Lowrey, Jimmy 'Popeye' Doyle, Dean Keaton 1998
Officer Jack Traven, V, Lt. Charlie Stobbs 1999
Martin Riggs, Whistler, Mac 1999
Characters from other action moviesMovieYear
Wolverine, Jinx Johnson, Sean Archer / Castor Troy 2001
Al Capone, Beast, Grigori Rasputin 2001
Evelyn Salt, James Bond, Jim Phelps 2001
Linus Caldwell, Dwight, William Stryker 2002
Detective Lee Butters, Hrothgar, Carl Hamilton 2002
Max Payne, Hulk, Chev Chelios2003
Daredevil, The Bride, Harvey Dent2003
John Shaft, Sonny Crockett, Dwayne Gittens / God 2003
Yin Yang, Mani, Silk 2003
Det. Alonzo Harris, Marv, Max Zorin 2004
James Bond, Carolina, War Machine 2004
The Man, The Jackal, Lucius Fox 2006
Iron Man, Sky Captain, Frank D'Amico 2009
John McClane, Rambo, Conan2010
Johnny 'Johnny-23' Baca, Casey Ryback, Chris Sanchez2010

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