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When did Mr. Wies graduate Waukee High School?
Production costs that don't change
Businesses that are owned collectively by their members
One good sacrificed for another
The use of technical knowledge and methods to create new products or make existing products more efficient
Part ownership of a corporation
Additional costs of producing one more unit of output
Fixed Costs
Lessening in value
When one seller controls all production of a good
A change in output generated by adding one more unit of input
An economy based on society's customs
Exclusive right to produce, use, rent, and sell an invention
People who buy things
Another name for Authoritarian Socialism
Payments from government to private businesses
One of the three economic questions
Free exchange of goods and services
Business owned and controlled by two or more people
Opposite of Elastic Demand
How many of the Jonas Brothers have diabetes?
A pizza a bicycle and a tennis shoe are...
Goods used with other goods
Minimum price level
Sum of the fixed and variable costs
What people carry in their wallets
When government decides distribution of a product
What element has the highest Electron Affinity?
One of the three economic questions
Limitations of the price system
What shirt did Mr. Wies wear on January 10th?
What is the date of the 2011 WHS Prom?
When sellers agree to set production levels or price levels
Goods exchanged illegally
The impulse that encourages people to fulfill their wants and needs
Goods used to replace other goods
A person who studies economics
Rules to product the public
One of the three economic questions
McDonalds is an example of this type of business organization
Encouragement to behave a certain way
An economy where the government answers all three economic questions
A small price change causes a large change in demand
What room number is this?
Maximum price level
Economy where individuals answer the three economic questions
Money remaining after expenses
Economic rivalry that exists between businesses selling the same or similar products
A cost that changes as the output changes
Who hosted SNL on January 8th?
The desire to make money
Bears eat...
Amount of a good or service consumers are willing or able to buy
What planet is not named after a god?
When supply is more than demand
People who make things
When demand exceeds supply
Tv Product

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