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InvolvementCase NameQuick Reference
This group of cases deals with affirmative action in colleges, the undergraduate point system is overturned because it is seen as a quota and a violation of strict scrutiny/equal p
Barring of a nativity-scene-only seasonal display
Involved a wharf owner damaged by City of Baltimore's disposal of sand and gravel that destroyed use of the wharfClaim of denial of due process by failure to compensate private owner for damages, City of Baltimore won because the Bill of Rights does not apply to local governments
Court upheld the segregation of railroad cars in Louisiana'Separate but Equal'
Court-mandated busing was created to deal with de facto segregation (desegregation in non-walk-in schools)
It is illegal to advocate the violent overthrow of the US GovernmentUpheld Smith Act
This group of cases gave the 14th Amendment, private persons offering accommodations to the public had an obligation to offer to all (including blacks)
Right of Association, a private association can discriminate against certain groups or peoplesBoy Scouts could discriminate against homosexuals
Struck down reimbursements by the state of Pennsylvania to private schools to cover salaries and textbooks- as a direct benefit to churches sponsoring parochial schoolsThe Lemon test
Fruits of an illegal search cannot be used against defendants, based on the 4th AmendmentPolice raid defendant's home in search of gambling materials but find obscene books
Use of public facilities for religious purposes (specifically, bible study in public schools)Ruled against due to non-separation of church and state
Speech that incites 'imminent lawless action' and speech that is likely to result in such lawless actionTwo part test (speech against the government)
Limited 1st Amendment protection towards advertisingAbortion advertising allowed
Prosecution can't force the accused to prove the charge against him out of his own mouth
Courts struck down school assignment plans that used race to determine school placement
Students could wear arm bands to school to protest the Vietnam war
Example of the extension/incorporation doctrine applies to the states through the 14th AmendmentFreedom of the Press and Speech
Government has reasonable interest in requiring uniformity of appearancePolice hair codes
Right to 'privacy in one's association' to protect the use of a membership list by the state, who seized said list due to suspected illegal activity
Struck down a law requiring a person to obtain a permit before soliciting for a religous causeAll sorts of weird religious **** like animal sacrifices and ministers in public offices or whatever
Burning draft cards held to be a violation of federal law- not all conduct is held to be protected speechCan't burn draft cards
Flag burning is protected speech
Media, like other citizens, must respond to relevant questions put to them in the course of a valid grand jury investigation or trialNo confidentiality of news sources
InvolvementCase NameQuick Reference
Privacy right extended to the right of marital privacy in regard to use of contraceptives and birth control information
Operation of segregated schools was now impermissible and illegalA 'hurry up' after the 'desegregation of schools' case
Court holds that 4th Amendment does apply to schools but that principals can search possessions if reasonable belief that school rules have been violatedDefendant cutting cocaine seen through the window
Outlaws abortion restrictions based on the right to privacyDisliked by strict constructionists
This group of cases said that the 14th Amendment applied only to public officials, not to private persons or businessesA step back from the group of cases ten years prior
US mails can exclude obscene, lewd material
Upheld conviction of officer of Socialist party who had been found guilty of obstructing war effort by sending out leaflets urging resistance to the draftClear and present danger test
Burden of proof of unlawful discrimination is shifted to the plaintiff claiming discrimination
School desegregation case
Obscene if 1) Average person in the community applying contemporary community standards finds that the work appeals to the prurient interest, 2) patently offensive, 3) lacks seriouThree part test (obscene speech)
Court explicitly refuses to mandate busing across school lines in a metropolitan area to deal with de facto segregation
Jehovah's Witnesses can't be required to salute the flagJehovah's Witnesses
Private religious classes (off campus lunch bible study)Upheld due to the religious activity being totally voluntary and off campus
Advertising restrictions generally must not be arbitraryRestrictions on liquor price ads overturned
A person can only be arrested if violent action against the US government is imminent (talking is not the same as doing)Modified Smith Act
Overturned a local order forbidding the publication of a newspaper that charged public corruption and attacked 'Jewish gangsters'Government can't place prior restraints on the speech of individuals or the media
Outlawed the use of voluntary prayer 'It is no part of the business of government to compose official prayer for any group of the people to recite as a part of a religious program carried on by government.'
Public system of busing was created by the state of NJ for all schools, including religious onesThe state was sued on the grounds that the busing system was aiding and favoring religious schools
Christmas tree, Menorah, and sign declaring dedication to freedom upheld as a seasonal display
Upheld ban on the practice of polygamy on the basis that the government can punish violations of social duties or actions that are deemed subversive of good orderMormon polygamy case
Nativity scene with non-religious symbols (sleigh and candy) as a seasonal display is upheld
Plain view exception (can arrest without warrant for obvious, visible infractions)

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