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What party did Kelly throw over the summer?
I'm MC Mike Scott, and I am hot. She's ________, and she is the best. All those sucker branches can suck our fat!
'Throwing A Garden Party' by:
What is the name of Michael's Greek character?
What's the last word of Michael's poem?
'I love Chuck Close and his_______'
Michael has 30 news alerts for what in his inbox?
Dwight is faster than 80% of
What is Roy's wife's name?
Who teaches Michael Scarn to play hockey?
'Hillary Swank is hot as heck, she's a female __________'
Karen's husband is a
Marrying me will you be?
'I can get you exotic meats- ___ steaks and ___ burgers'
What is Nellie's least favorite espresso?
Cat turds are like...
What is Robert California's Son's name?
What color is whorish?
What's Clark workin' with?
Who can tell you the world's largest ocean?
What film genre does Gabe introduce?
'Do you have something in your pocket?'

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