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Played Angel Face in what movie?
Started 30 Seconds to Mars in what year?
Created 30 Seconds to Mars with who?
Was chosen as as one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the World in what years?
Was sued by who in 2008?
Assistant's name?
First appeared in what TV show?
Landed first major role in what series?
What part of his body was amputated in Requiem for a Dream?
Relation to the drummer in the band?
Middle name?
Made directing debut for what music video?
What college did Jared graduate from?
Participated in what winter sport?
What was his dog's name?
How many pounds did he gain for Chapter 27?
Shot 'A Beautiful Lie' in what country?
What band did he tour with in 2005?
What kind of jacket did he wear for the Chelsea Lately interview?
What kind of present did he give Alan Carr on 'Chatty Man'?
Favorite snack food?
One of his favorite cities?
Received an Oscar for what supporting role?
What social networking platform did he create in 2011?

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