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Can you name the Robert A. Heinlein story or novel in which the following character(s) appeared?

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CharacterStory or novel
Valentine Michael Smith
Hamilton Felix and Longcourt Phyllis
Professor Neil O'Heret Brain
Wyoming Knott and Adam Selene
Star, Rufo, Oscar Gordon
Lorenzo Smythe, Bonforte, Penny
John Rico
Jane the Unmarried Mother
Gwen Novak, Richard Colin Campbell, Pixel
Slayton Ford, Mary Sperling
Sam Nivens, Allucquere
Marjorie, Kettle Belly Baldwin
CharacterStory or novel
John and Martha Watts
Alexander Hergensheimer
Thorby Baslim
John Lyle, Magdalene
Woodrow Wilson 'Bill' Smith, Dora Smith
Petronius the Arbiter, Daniel Boone Davis
'Pinky' Libby, Captain Doyle
Rhysling the Blind Poet of the Spaceways
Maureen Johnson Smith, Ira Johnson
Bob Heinlein, Ticky Heinlein

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