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Can you name the actors from these descriptions of their 'deaths'?

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Forced Order
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Shot in head by terrorist/Stabbed in stomach by evil apprentice/Blown up by crashing monorail
Murdered by wife's friend/Thrown into water wearing 'concrete shoes'/Blown up by nuclear bomb
Shot by revenge seeking detective/Shot by corrupt police captain/Shot by repressed neighbour
Thrown out of skyscraper/Shot by cowboy/Killed by heroic outlaw
Shot by bounty hunter/Shot in the head whilst hiding in a cupboard/Killed by arrows
Killed in a fencing duel/Shot by fellow jewel thief/Hanged by leader of troupe of actors
Shot during a massacre in a church/Eaten by a dinosaur/Zapped by lightning and thrown out of a window
Killed by hitman and buried under frozen pond/Dies from tuberculosis/Was dead for the whole film!
Swept away by tide attempting to kill his lawyer/Shot by detective after bank robbery/Sets fire to himself in the Arctic
Fatal heart attack/Killed (and ground up) by fellow kidnapper/Shot by person he'd been sent to kill
Falls from top of cathedral/Freezes to death/Shot in his car (body never recovered)
Shot by inmate of his prison/Falls to death trying to catch a coin/Dies after crashing onto the Moon
Murdered by poachers/Throws herself into a furnace/Burned to death by a clone of herself
Shot (repeatedly) with arrows/Falls backward onto a boat anchor/Crushed by falling satellite antenna
Falls into the mechanism of a drawbridge/Falls into a pool having been shot in the back/Dies, alone, in his chair, and slumps to the ground

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