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Can you name the facts about the stars?

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What are groups of stars called?
How many different constellations have we discovered so far?
Is it true that you can see some constellations throughout the whole year?
What is another name for the Big DIpper?
What are the constellations called that appear to move around the North Pole of the Earth?
When only two stars are gravitationally bound together and orbit a common center of mass, they are called what?
What is a group of stars that are gravitationally bound to each other called?
This apparent shift in position caused by the motion of the observer is called what?
What is it called when two stars block each other out and cause the total brightness of the two-star system to dip each time one star eclipses the other?
What are the two measures for long distances that astronomers use?
The most massive stars can be as massive as what?
What is the distance that light travels in one year?
What is a light year equal to?
Astronomers have defined the ancient Greek system of classifications as of what?
What is the brightness an object would have if it were placed at a distance of ten pc?
What is it called when you measure the energy output from the surface of a star per second called?
What is the sun's luminosity?
What are the stars assigned spectral types?
The relationships of each class of star has a specific mass, luminosity magnitude temperature and diameter?
What runs diagonally from the upper-left corner to the lower-right corner called?

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