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Makes things disappear or vanish
Causes confusion to the targeted person
Slows down an attacking opponent
Produces a fire when cast
Makes all noise cease
A summoning charm in which various objects are brought directly to the spell-caster
Disarming spell; usually used to force opponents to drop wands
Powerful stunning spell
Makes other people not be able to hear a conversation because of an unidentifiable buzzing that is created when using this spell
Complete control spell; used to manipulate the actions of others; unforgivable
Automatic killing curse; completely unforgivable
Produces a dark mark
Used to repel dementors
Turns a boggart into whatever a person is thinking of
Makes moving objects immobile
Repairs things (like Harry's glasses)
The tickling charm
When executed, the spell-caster is able to identify the last spell that was produced by the particular wand they are using. Great for tracking spell use
Unlocks doors
A protection charm that protects from hexes
Lifts objects so they float in the air
Torturing curse; unforgivable
Produces a light from the tip of a wand
A very powerful memory charm which causes a person to forget everything by erasing their memories
Used to blast objects out of the way

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