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Warm Up: What is Steven's first name?
Which gem's summer outfit featured a fanny pack in 'Beach Party'?
Which mural's face was not shown in 'It Could've Been Great'?
What was Greg about to attack Steven with in 'Laser Light Cannon'?
When do the events of 'The Answer' take place?
What are pearls in the Homeworld caste system
What symbol is on Buck Dewey's regular shirt?
What were Steven's shirts before Steven was born?
What was the game Steven played in 'So Many Birthdays'?
What was the name of the corrupted pufferfish gem?
What was the frog's name in 'Garnet's Universe'?
Where were Marty and Greg originally going to go during the events of 'Story for Steven'
What is Greg's phone number?
What is the tape in Lion's mane labeled?
What was the name of the place the old burrito was from in 'So Many Birthdays'
What does the back of Garnet's jacket say?
What is on the front of Steven's handmade spaceship
What else has a (answer to last question) on the front of it?
How many donuts does Steven collect by the end of the Pilot?
What type of gems are warriors on Homeworld?
How many episodes has Rebecca Sugar written and storyboarded?
How many Warp Pads are at the Galaxy Warp
What is the Centipeetles favorite chip brand?
What website is 'Keep Beach City Weird' found on?
What did Steven say to cause the 'Robot Shooty Thing' to appear in Rose's Secret Armory?
Finish the title: 'Log Date _ __ _'
What do the Crystal Gems restart in Issue 8 of the comic series?
Which two episodes have the Underwater Sword appeared in?
How did Peridot spell 'analysis' in 'Log Date _ __ _'?
What is 'Surasshu's' first name?
What gaming handheld does Steven own?
What game does he have for his N64?
What is the cluster represented by in Peridot's explanation to the Gems?
Which country has an extremely large chunk missing?
Who is the voice actress for Opal?
What event is held in Charm City?
What was Steven in the parade he told Connie about during 'Bubble Buddies'?
Which was the first episode that had a title card that did not feature the temple's right hand?
Where does White Light appear in 'Attack of the Light'?
What is the song that Connie and Steven fused to the second time?
What was inside the big bird from 'Giant Woman'?
What were the Solfège syllables Steven told Peridot to teach her the song, 'Peace and Love'?
Where is Blue Diamond's Pearl's gem located?
Where is Beach City Underground Wrestling located?
In what episode is Steven banned from Funland?
What show did Peridot become obsessed with?
What caused the power to go out in the episode 'Political Power'?
What is the team that makes Steven Universe called?
What episode did The Crab Shack appear?
Which episode was originally called 'Old Friends'?
Nanefua is based off of who?
Bonus: Who did Rebecca Sugar voice in Adventure Time?

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