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Can you name the crews from ABDC seasons 1-5?

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Forced Order
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3first all Asian champion crew
4got eliminated on the Bollywood Challenge
1chicken noodle soup with a soda on the side
2throw the S to the chest!
5they got swagg
5representin the ATL and releasin the animal within
3the only crew from the Caribbean
2the first robots on ABDC
1they know what the g-slide is
4successfully danced with a snake
4first girl champs
2phresh to death
5between six and eight
1koifish, angelfish, clownfish, starfish...
3freak the beat
2opposite of fake
4synonym for giant primates
5o you canadians...
1left while they were vampires
4Madonna would like their name
3come on, step right up to see the amazing circus!
2they're toxic
1they don't dance in sneaks
5the big boys
1hailing from Boston
2simply... they're extreme
3epic steppers from Tallahassee
4reppin the south
5not just a poker hand
5jumpin rope and dancin all in one
4true artists
3from wherever Alabama
2they got soul
1reppin for the girls
3a box of misfits
5reppin Hawaii
2always wearin what they're named after
4first crew out...
1i still don't know what an enigma is...
3auditioned for Season 2 too
5the theatre junkies crew
2the sassiest of the ABDC girls
4just couldn't go wall to wall
1they go full out
5the smooth dancers from Houston
2breakin the stereotype of the southern belles
1reppin the burrows of NYC
5Tennessee babies
1synonym for immediate answer
2they didn't really make history
5Denver, CO
5they didn't make that draztik of a impact on ABDC
5another clogging crew

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