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The ______ consists of all living and non-living things.
What is the study of the natural world works, how our environment affects us, and how we affect it?
What is the social movement dedicated to protecting the natural world?
Materials and energy sources found in nature that humans need to survive are called ______.
are naturally formed much more slowly than we use them. Once we use them up, they are gone.
If it can continue at the same rate it is being used.
Give two examples of fossil fuels:
An _____________ is the expression of the environmental effects of an individual population in terms of the amount of land and water.
“If a plant is never watered, then it will die.” Is an example of a ______?
What we would expect to see if the hypothesis came true is a _______.
A variable that scientists manipulate is an (independent/dependent) variable.
When all variables are controlled except one allowing results to be more accurate.
What is a more formal way for researches to get comments and criticism from the scientific community?
A broader explanation that applied to a wider range of situations and observations.
What is the branch of philosophy that involves the study of behavior?
The application of ethical standards to relationships between humans and their environment is known as?
What is the central core of the atom?
What is the combination of two or more atoms of the same or different types joined by covalent bonds?
What is the substance composed of atoms of two or more different elements?
What is the mixture in which all the ingredients are evenly distributed?
Proteins, Nucleic acids, Carbs, and Lipids are called
____ is an organic compound made up of carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and sometimes sulfur.
What are macromolecules that direct protein production?
What are polymers that consist of atoms of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen?
What is a diverse group of macromolecules that do not dissolve in water?
What is the acidity or alkalinity of the solution described by?
What is a circular that describes how an event is a cause and an effect in the same system?
What is the removal of soil by water, ice, wind, gravity?
consists of the layers of gas surrounding our environment
What is directly below the Earth’s crust?
What is directly below the mantle?
What are the large plates of the lithosphere?
How does water move from bodies of water in the atmosphere?
What is the release of water vapor by plants through their leaves?
What is the return from the atmosphere to earth’s surface?
What is the change in state from a gas to a liquid
What is fresh water called when it’s underground?
What are layers of rocks and soil that hold ground water?
What law says that matter can be transformed but not created nor destroyed?
What’s another name for nutrient cycles?
What are organisms that produce their own food?
What is the process in plants that make their own food?
What are organisms that must eat other organisms to obtain their nutrients?
What are organisms such as bacteria that break down waste and dead organisms?
What is the process in which organism use oxygen to release the chemical energy of sugars and release carbon dioxide?
What is the conservation of nitrogen gas into ammonia?
What’s the top layer of soil?
What is the base geological material in a particular location called?
What is the continuous mass of solid rock that makes up Earth’s crust?
Name two types of weathering?
What do clay, silt, and sand make up?
What is the deterioration of the soil characteristics needed for plant growth?
What is the process farmers use to keep their soil arable all year long?
____ grazing (eating too much)
Erosion, soil compaction, forest removal, overgrazing, drought, salt buildup, climate change, depletion of water, and other factors result in_____.
The providing of water other than precipiation to crops
The build up of salts in upper soil horizons
Chemicals that kill organisms that attack plants
The amount of crop produced in a given area
Mechanized farming technology
Battling pests and weeds with organisms that eat or infect them
IPM= Integrated _____ management
The process in which male sex cells of a plant fertilize a female's
Land suitable fir farming
Concentrated animal feeding operations or factory farms
Fish farming
Organizations that preserve seeds
Agriculture that does not deplete soil faster than it forms
Any process in which scientists directly manipulate an prganisms DNA

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