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Can you name the correct spelling of the words in our annual SportsNation Spelling Bee?

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uh-SET-ikPracticing strict self-denial as a measure of personal and especially spiritual discipline
sak-ruh-LIJ-uhsViolating or profaning anything held sacred
si-kahy-uh-treeA branch of medicine that deals with mental, emotional, or behavioral disorders
vin-YETA short descriptive literary sketch
SIK-uh-fuhntA servile self-seeking flatterer
kruh-SAHNTA flaky rich crescent-shaped roll
loozhA small sled that is ridden in a supine position and used especially in competition
an-tee-di-LOO-vee-uhnOf or relating to the period before the flood described in the Bible
YOO-oh-nimAn appropriate name for a person, place, or thing
sahr-KOF-uh-guhsA stone coffin, especially one bearing sculpture, inscriptions, etc., often displayed as a monument.

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