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Still developed manipulative therapy as a means of providing total body treatment, Still beleived that the body is A) the body is a unit B) the body is composed of unconnected tissHint. Page 22 of Osteopathic Medicine - an amaerican reformation
J.M. Littlejohn writes that Osteopathy is the diagnosis by physical methods with a view to discovering A) the symptoms of disease B) the cause of disease C) the pathway of disease?Hint. Page 9 of The Contribution of John Martin Littlejohn to Osteopathy by T.E.Hall and J. Wernham
in accord to A.T.Still in regard to the three levels of homo sapiens which of these described the Mind A) objective and superficial level B) profound mental and spiritual level
in accord to A.T.Still in regard to the three levels of homo sapiens which of these described the Structure A) objective and superficial level B) subjective and intermediate level
Which is the primary 'spinal lesion'? A) a unilateral atlanto-occipital lesion which is compensatory due to a disequilibrium of the pelvis B) rotation lesion of C2 which is compens
the first line of defence against pathogens?
Which of Still precepts to osteopathy refers to the importance of circulation in health. A)structure governs function B) find it, fix it, leave it alone C) the body as a self-suffi
in the diagnodid criteria of TART, what does T denote?
tissue uniting the bodies separate parts A) fascia B) Blood C)Bones
when an osteopath considers the nervous system we know that it is divided into sympathetic and parasympathetic. They are both antagonistic to each other. Which devision do i descri
the type of nerve that exits the anterior horn
Pathos means A) not caring B) random stabs in the dark C) faculty of arousing sympathy, emotion, passion, suffering and feeling
Osteo is a prefix meaning what? A)Bone B) Awesomeness C)Thinking that you might know somehing
these fibers contribute to the muscle spindal apparatus
what apparatus reflex sends information to the CNS about muscle tension?
In osteopathy which sense should we use to obtain those data concerning structure which form the basis of all diagnosis A)taste B)touch C)sight D)smell E)hearing
In a dysfunction, skin, fascia and or muscled change in accord to A) Chronicity B) Time C)temperature
Somatic dysfuntion is an impaired or altered function of related componens of the somatic system, true or false?
In osteopathic practice we consider some laws, 'a nerve trunk which supplies any given joint, also supplies the muscles which move the joint and the skin over the insertions of suc
'when a painful stimulus is applied to the body part of low sensitivity that is in close central connection with a point of higher sensitivity, the pain is felt at the point of hig

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