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Can you name the Eurovision 2019 songs from a description of their lyrics?

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Lyrics DescriptionEntry
Our tears are powerful and help us overcome the fears that hold us back.
The singer wants to take their relationship to the next level, regardless if their partner is ready for it.
This song is a call for a lover to be consumed by the singer's passion.
The singer laments that technology can’t connect them to lost loved ones; so the singer breaks free from it.
After giving up on love, the singers have formed a polyamorous sextet that lights their lives.
The singer proclaims that they will live authentically, regardless of the world's reactions.
The singer implores their lover to not leave, to give their relationship one more chance.
The singer’s crush from youth has returned; the singer is trying to play it cool.
The singer details a deep melancholy, seeking lost feelings of love and safety.
The singer is thanking family and friends for their support through all the hard times.
Seeped in hopeless heartbreak, the singer is trying to gather courage to move on despite having spent all of their love.
A call to mythic nature guardians to strengthen us so that we may be ourselves.
The child of a shiftless man has been left with nothing but a few useless words.
Your homeland needs you; she cries out for the loss of her children.
A song to inspire and encourage girls, and all people, of any age to express their authentic selves.
The singer is taking back control of their life from an abusive partner.
The singer is imploring their lover to look past the fear so that they can dive deeper into their romantic relationship.
The love between the singer and their partner is stronger than anything the world might throw at them.
The singer has stretched themselves thin to meet the expectations of others and can no longer stand to do so.
A sexy, confident lady has entered the club; the singer wants her to notice him.
The singer tells their partner to stay true to themselves, despite this crazy world, no matter what.
Lyrics DescriptionEntry
The singer wants to inspire you to unlock your heart and be your best self.
The singer is at an impasse in a toxic relationship: the singer must accept deceit or break free.
The singer is always their to support their friends in good times and bad.
The singer reminds us that we can be united for all of time if we allow ourselves to put aside our differences.
The singer sees all that’s wrong in the world and wonders why no one cares.
The singer announces that, even though the world may be dark, we’ll make it through with love and light.
The singer is missing a past lover, thinking of their 1st kiss in front of the lover's house.
We’re all in this together – we should lift each other up, not tear each other down.
The singer is talking to an ex, promising that things will be so much better if they get back together.
The singer is reminding both, themselves and the audience: “Don’t let anything hold you down.”
The singer expresses how fierce they are and encourages you to be, too.
The singer is teasing an ex who repeatedly calls for late night connections.
The singer warmly recalls memories of their father and celebrates being like him.
The singer reminds us that, despite the confusing tumult of life, no worries, this too shall pass.
*Oh yeah* our capitalist world will fall into anarchy. Buy this song about it.
The singer is obsessed with an ex who unceremoniously dumped them.
Despite the horrors and injustices of the world, the singer wants us to stay strong, to not give up.
The singer is saying that they are here to fight for you, but you must be honest with yourself.
The singer asks you to remove the cover from your eyes and see the joys of the world.
A wedding song, the singer's partner wears their love like royalty, forever.

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