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Lyrics DescriptionEntry
Our love is more powerful than nature or anything else. There is no stopping us when we're united.
I promise I will always push forward! I'll never stop, I'm stronger than cannonballs and anything else.
I ain't scared of the demons in my mind anymore! The light will set me free!
My soul has grown cold and bitter; where have my warm memories gone? Can I follow them?
Everybody is a bit of a rebel. We each can stand up and be ourselves. We don't have to take anything from anyone.
I need a spark in my life. I am looking for a new inspiration to tell me where I need to go.
My heart is broken for you - can't you see how devoted I am to you? Look into my eyes and you'll see the depths of my love.
You left me to tend to your legacy. With your memory in my heart, I will make you proud.
We must save our souls. We must break these strict rules that tell us to hurt one another so that we all may be united.
Have you ever thought about it? We've been hot and cold and perhaps, now, there's no saving our relationship.
I hold on to my name as a reminder of how far I've come, how much I have overcome, and how far we must all go as a people.
If you were to love me, our love could be number one forever! You would make me feel like a true winner if you said yes; we can make the dream come true.
Before it all echoes and falls, let's push forward. But perhaps, we do so in vain, it's already written into the future.
I'm not thinking of you at all. I'm just here to have a good time and keep you off my mind. I'm mine now!
This world may try to stomp us, but we're standing tall. Even if they tell us why we're 'wrong', we won't relent. We'll be true to ourselves!
I love you with my whole being, deep inside your soul. Even through the fire, long after we're gone - my love will carry on.
Do you know who I am? I'm burning up and I'm not cooling down. I'm a big cat who cannot be stopped.
Hey! You're doing bad things, but so am I. So, I guess I shouldn't throw anything from my glass house less we regress.
Run into my arms and stay the night; you're the only one I can hold on to. There is no one else.
We should have seen the beauty of the precious gift we had. It may not be to late; please. We can't say farewell.
Things have grown cold between us; just living a routine. Why did you take your warmth away?
Hunger? War? Terrorism? Fear? Hatred? We are stronger than all of this! We are untouched by these horrors and will rise above.
Lyrics DescriptionEntry
Can't you see, you're my reason for life. All that I do, all I dream, it's all because of you.
You sacrificed for us; you made our place a home. And now, reflecting on the words you left me, I am stepping out into my own life.
Our love will continue to grow stronger through the years and the rest of our lives. Now is just the beginning.
The next generation needs to grow up to bring us peace and harmony. We must give them a world of hope and love.
Of course I'll help you, friend. Creating a hit isn't difficult; actually, there are only two steps.
Who needs luck? Things are falling apart, everything is catching fire - whatevs. We just need to make a decision so we can move on.
I'm a star! I'm a superhero! You can't control me; I'm not your plaything. I'll leave you behind longing to have me back.
Despite life's setbacks, I stand tall. Even in the darkness, I can see a light and it inspires me to carry on.
I need your love, it's driving me insane. Can't you see how it makes me shoot across the sky? I beg you, come back and give me your love.
You have stuck me in the Friendzone. How could I think I'd be anything more than just your humorous buddy?
I know what you must be thinking, but don't give up. We aren't powerless to change things - we have the spirit that binds us together.
In my mind, I know you'll be mine for all time. We'll fly so high together, for all of time.
Our love is a melody that carries us. There is nothing that can stop it; our voices will carry it forever.
You're gone now, though, I still dream of your kisses. Soon, this pain will no longer be with me.
You dumped me for someone else, now you're coming back, wanting my love. Sure, let's pretend we have something good for the night.
Instead of standing up and fighting like my ancestors, I think I'll surrunder, for that is the better road.
Remember, the bad times don't last forever especially if we join hands and stand together. We'll make it through.
You're leaving me? But, do you not remember our vows? I'll forever wonder why we're breaking up.
Hahahaha! I have no interest in you; stop trying to talk to me. Keep it moving along.
We can help and heal or we can turn our back on our fellow man. We must decide who we want to be.
Since you've gone, I've had no peace, but an eternal winter. You've banished me to a land of torment and pain.

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