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We're star-crossed lovers, like Romeo and Juliet. What started out so beautifully has since turned to tragedy.
My life is full of contradictions, but still I keep pushing forward. And, really, isn't that what living is all about?
Light is shining through me and I'm going to use it to make a change! Now I'm getting closer to you, there's no time for you to waste!
Life is a miracle! I pray that you can see that. Do your best, take a chance - the sun will come out after the rain.
I'll keep moving forward - I won't stop! Whether you're here to support me or challenge me, I'm ready for all of what life has to offer.
I live for loving you. Even as you may not think much of yourself, I have a heart big enough for you and I.
Am I trapped in a prison? Am I under some kind of spell? No, I'm just in love with you - struck by every word you say.
Love is a risk; I cannot promise you that it will fly. But, I want to take that leap with you. Won't you take my hand and jump?
You awaken feelings in me; you take me to extremes. Have all of me: my secrets, my lungs, my millions!
Our love is untouchable, even in the line of fire, up against the wall. We'll stay in this tumult and make it better.
Each day with you brings new desires and better ideas! Our lives are being written brighter than ever before because we're together.
All these years of loneliness has made me fragile. Then you came along with your love and started breaking me to pieces (in a good way!).
Life is fleeting and always turning. Quick, kiss me! Let's go to paradise before this moment fades and burns away like all others.
We transcend every other love story. Don't ever stop believing that love will take us high.
Just give me a chance; I will treat your daughter better than all the other guys before have. Get to know me; you'd be surprised.
I don't understand; what's happening? Why does it seem impossible for love to unite the whole of the Earth?
You and me as one; reaching out for the stars! We can save this relationship - there's still so much for us to accomplish together; I'm not giving up!
Let your light shine; you won't come alive until you live your dreams - even if it's singing like an Alpine person.
We are merely naked apes dancing; chanting things we don't understand like 'Namaste' or 'Panta rhei!' Oh, well, Alé!
Let me be your wings, the one you lean on. I will never leave your side; let me be your remedy.
You've always been so good to me; picking me up whenever I was down. Now I'm going to be there for you in your time of need!
I know there's a vacancy in your heart. But not for me. So, I'll hold you and watch on as our love slowly burns out.
You remind me of better times, something that I'll never have again. Don't sing; go away to some happy couple!
Slow down and take it all in. Right now, we will find the truths in the lies. I promise, we will shine.
Let's explore the galaxy. I have my suit on - let's take off together and be as one!
We've both been hurt before, but I think I can trust you. Let the feelings of this evening carry us away into our fantasy.
It's time that I go out into the world. I'm never coming back and I pray that I'm never going to crack. But lights will guide me through the night.
Who told you to hide? Why do you think that my life is perfect? I've only made it because I've continued to believe, to have hope - and so should you!
I'm destined to always be a stranger in your eyes; forever without a home. But I know that God is with me and guides me through all things.
You're all alone in the danger zone, but there's a storm in your eyes. Take my hand and let's bring some light into our lives.
Your love has always been there for me. Tonight, I'm going to lay down my armor and finally reveal my whole self to you.
You make me thin and weak. You try to send me away, but I'm stuck to you like glue.
I will always be here for you. Just give me your hand; together we'll dance through this storm.
You look so freaking beautiful! So much so, that I can no longer persist in what I was doing.
We're in this together, running at the speed of light from those that would tear us apart.
You're my sun! Don't run away just because it isn't easy; our love will see us through. I will follow you!
Life is hard and there are many challenges, but our relationship should give you strength. Come on, clap your hands - you'll accomplish it!
I know you think that I'm cold and distant, but I'm not. I've been burned too many times; I'm loving, but you must earn it.
I'm going to kill that voice in my head; it's been holding me back for far too long! I'm ready to take on the present, good or bad!
Cry no more, we all have ups and downs. I will help you through the dark times so that you can be free.
I don't need anyone else; the rhythm of life follows me wherever I am. The sidewalk is my catwalk and the world, my stage.
You tell me to move on, but all I see is you. How could we possibly have any kind of separation - where could we possibly draw a division?

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