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Can you name the songs from the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest based on a two sentence description of their lyrics?

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The singer let down their partner, and now the sky is tumbling, tearing them into pieces. The singer says that they can go out in a blaze a glory, brighter than any other.
The singer confronts their friend, telling their friend that destiny is a choice. One must ask their heart who they really are - despite the fear.
The singer informs someone that they are the source of their strength. This person always cares and, because of this support, the singer always cares, too.
The singer proclaims that if there's a need, then they would apologize. They would apologize so hard!
There's nothing harder than the strife, particularly when darkness has come. Never fear - you have a friend who will help you use music to drive out the fear and bring in the love.
The singer describes the search for paradise, following their friend through thick and thin. The singer says that, once they reach paradise, they will sing and dance.
The singer knows that things are not great between them and their partner. But all they want, all they need, is to feel the blood pumping in their partner's chest one last time.
The singer proclaims that their partner is the answer to their quest. The singer has been tiredlessly seeking that which could make them whole, and they found this in their partner
Don't you hear the voices of the world, bidding you toward both the light and the dark? The singer does - and they know that following the positive ones will lead us home.
Evening has fallen; the singer proclaims that their whole life led up to this moment. While the moment may be fleeting, the singer's heart will forever be with their partner.
Trapped in frozen water? Never fear! The singer is here to free you from all of life's bogs and mires, no matter the temperature.
The singer talks to a person, for whom they have a nickname, who provides them inspiration to persist. The singer is thankful for all this person has done to push them forward.
Despite the shadows, the singer proclaims that we must be optimistic; we mustn't look down if we're afraid of heights. We must see the bright side of things and find the love.
The song tells a story that may take a lifetime, of how the love of their partner has changed the singer's life. The singer is now willing to fight, to die for their partner.
The singer turns to their crush and says now is the time to test the waters. Despite that their pairing seems obvious to the singer, their crush must determine if it is love.
Despite an abusive partner, the singer will remain strong. The singer will protect their heart and will resist all attempts made by their ex-partner to reconcile.
Singing to an unnamed entity, the singer proclaims that this entity provides a beacon of safe harbor through tough times. This beacon guides the singer and protects them.
The singer tells of waking after a blackout and expresses dismay as flashes of memory return. But they shrug their shoulders, casually taking a cigarette from their partner's bag.
As their relationship crumbles, the singer tells their partner, that they are at an impasse. They must choose how to move forward; currently, they’re merely haunting one another.
The singer talks about not succumbing to the ways of those around them. They will stand against the walls weighing down on others and knowing that the walls are fiction.
Why do we fuel the fires of hatred or close our eyes to the cries of our fellow humans? The time is now for us to join together, with hope in our hearts, to make a new start!
Song DescriptionAnswer
The singer and their lover are decidedly NOT purple, but are instead separate. The singer remarks that perhaps it is time to go there separate ways because of this.
The singer is utterly overcome by the amorous feelings they have for their partner. Their partner has completely changed the singer's life and inspired them to be more.
The singer pleads with incoming soldiers who are killing everyone. They say that we could build a future, where we are all free to live in our happiest time.
There is only one way forward - to stand and affirm your life! Don't run, don't quit, don't hide - you can only fight and push forward positively!
'Whoa! I'm falling for you?! You provide me the light?' proclaims the singer. The singer is surprised that they now need their partner more and more each day.
The singer grows discontent with their long distance relationship. Despite all the technology, they still feel alone in the quiet - they keep calling, calling…
The singer insists that they are indeed authentic, that they can be trusted. Because of their amorous feelings, they will be themself and accomplish more than they originally thoug
Whoa there, friend! There's no need for all this fuss and hurry - simply relax your pace when things seem to be too much.
The singer says that they are just fine, despite the trials and tribulations. There's love that fills their heart that makes them want to perform miracles.
There is nothing and no one that can keep the singer and their partner apart. Their love is like thunder and lightning; they're gonna reach for the stars!
The singers proclaim that their friendship is enduring and helps them come alive. Whether others know about their friendship is irrelevant; they’re friends forever!
The singer tells their partner that there is not a bit of space between them nor hesitation. They are like the stars and nothing that can pull them apart.
The singer tells their partner that things are over. Their relationship is dead and only an act of God can revive it.
The singer reassures their partner that their love goes beyond reason and is stronger than any element. And now, there’s nothing remaining to remove them from where they belong.
Our lives are circles of romance and heartbreak; we all must play this game of roulette. As we hurt one another, we must also forgive; as we take, we must also repay.
The singer encourages their friend who seems to be sad and discouraged. The singer says that each of us has the ability to shine; we each are comprised of elements of brilliance.
Life may be hard and you may be lost in the coldness of the world. But there a million hearts of a million people and you, just like them, were born to be real, to blaze a trail.
The singer is howling, just trying to make it through the night. They're stuck between the dawn and the sunrise, but know that focusing on their partner can get them through.
Our generation is the one who will paint things red and bring about a new, perfect tomorrow. We will dance together and bring about the dawn of a new era with the rising sun.
Life has poisoned the singer’s friend. The singer reassures their friend that they (the singer) will breathe new life into them and help them soar.
No law can stop the feelings the singer has for their partner! Together they are invinceable, untouchable - they'll work miracle high above the ground.

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