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Can you name the Rungs on this NFL Wide Receiver Word Ladder?

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Abstain from food or drink
A clenched hand ready to strike
Suspended water vapor
The majority of
~Caught 23 Touchdown passed in one season~
Dirty and unorganized
Baseball team from New York
Greek prefix meaning 'after'
Animal rights group
Maravich, Rose, Samprass, Townshend
A network of blood vessels or nerves
Cost of a commodity or service
To compete in a contest of speed
~Caught passes from Montana & Young~
An Indian monetary unit
An evergreen tree
16 ounces
Typical 4th down play call
Dry wood used as tinder
George Clinton and the P-____ All Stars
A contemptible person
Mammal valued for its fur
~Redskins top pick in the 1980 draft~
Kissing disease
Less (Italian)
To repair
To tear into pieces
~Played in 4 Superbowls~
A recompense or reward
To become merged
Keeping a grip on something
~Recorded 6 consecutive 1,300 yard receiving seasons~
Metal bar that fits in a socket
Worn around the waist
Not straight
To form a curve
A group of musicians
A magician's tool
~Steelers all time leader in receptions~
Notify of danger
Affected by use
English term for a cereal crop
Wine Stopper

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