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Has a palindromic name (1)A
Has a 4x weakness to Ground type moves (1)B
Contains a 'q' in its name (1)C
Is the middle evolution of a starter Pokemon (1)D
Is a psychic dual type (2)E
Is a purely normal type (2)F
Has a weakness to both of its own types (1)G
Generation II Pokemon that was seen in Kanto in the anime (1)H
Contains a double letter in its name e.g. 'aa' (2)I
Is a generation II Pokemon (1)J
Cannot be found in the wild in main series games (3)K
Is purely water type (2)L
Had a fairy dual type added in generation VI (4)M
Has a dark typing (1)N
Has a 0x resistance (1)O
Can have the ability 'Drizzle' (1)P
Has not evolved/Cannot evolve (1)Q
Has multiple forms (Mega-Evolution does not count) (2)R
Can learn 'Me First' (5)S
Can be caught in the Kanto Safari Zone (2)T
Cannot breed (2)U
Is from generation III (3)V
Can have multiple type combinations (1)W
Is not legendary (1)X
Contains fewer than 2 'a's in its name (1)Y
Has 5 letters in its name (2)Z

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