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Character / quotestory titleauthor
Ann / 'So you wouldn't have married me if I'd been black.'Tobias Wolff
Ann's Husband / see number oneTobias Wolff
PelayoGabriel Garcia Marquez
The Misfit / 'Ain't no real pleasure in life.'Flannery O'Connor
Gregor Samsa / 'I'll be there in a minute.'Franz Kafka
Protagonist / 'Just getting a creamsicle.'Sherman Alexie
Elisa Allen / 'Do any women ever go to the fights?'John Steinbeck
Protagonist / 'Why should that man have fainted?'Charlotte Perkins Gilman
Grete / '... we have to get rid of it.'Franz Kafka
Jig / 'I don't care about me.'Ernest Hemingway

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