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Can you name the wrong answers that triggered the klaxons to these questions on QI?

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Which animal contributes most methane to the atmosphere?
What did they call the man who won the Battle of Hastings?
From 1884-onwards, what was the first manmade object that was seen by immigrants arriving at New York?
What shouldn't you do for twenty minutes after lunch?
Where's the best place in the world to discover an entirely new species?
What did Queen Victoria think of Mr. Bean?
Can you name the family in Swiss Family Robinsons?
Name a poisonous snake
What was James Bond's job?
What is the highest mountain in Europe?
What did the Romans like to wear?
How does a ferret build an airliner?
What's the fastest thing in the natural world?
What do you call a slug with a shell?
What makes up more than 70 percent of the Internet?
What do you call a boomerang that won't come back?
Which language is the Spanish national anthem sung in?
What was the lingua franca of ancient Rome?
What were the first animals to be herded for food?
Which of the Armed Services refers to the left and right sides of an aeroplane as port and starboard?

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